Christian Counseling and Lenten Guidelines

Christian Counseling and Guidelines for Fasting Days

Christian Counseling sessions can prepare people for guidelines for Lent.  The Great Fast is upon us and for those interested in abstaining and fasting according to the norms of the Church, please feel free to do so whether Catholic or Protestant this is a time for the universal Church to share in Christ’s love for us by giving back.
If age 14 to 59, Catholics are obligated to participate in the following.
1st day of Lent is a Day of Fast which includes no meat and only one full meal with additional intake equaling only another full meal throughout the day. The only other day of Fast is Good Friday.
Days of Abstinence are all Fridays.
If you are Eastern Catholic, the first day of Lent of course is Monday and not Ash Wednesday. The Days of Fast are the first day of Lent and Good Friday, but fasting includes meat and no dairy with as many meals as one wishes minus the two food groups.
Days of Abstinence are all Wednesdays and Fridays. The Western Church removed the Wednesday requirement due to the conversion of the barbarians after the Fall of Rome. It was hard enough to make them give up meat on Friday. The more ancient tradition of Wednesday in addition to Friday continued in the East and to this day is still enforced on all Eastern Catholics and Orthodox Christians.
Of course Protestants have no ecclesiastical obligations, although many mainstream churches such as the Lutheran and Anglican Churches encourage these fasts and traditions. Non Denominational Christians and other less mainstream groups are encouraged to join others in this universal fast since all make up the Mystical Body of Christ.
As Christian Counselors, we should all help prepare everyone for the Great Fast.
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Mark Moran, MA