Pomegranates for Heart Disease and Health Care Life Coaches

   Pomegranates are becoming a popular item for healthy diets, as  health care life coaches learn more about the many health benefits that have been attributed to this fruit. Researchers from Israel have found from their research that pomegranates can actually help prevent the clotting of blood. Abnormal clotting of blood is a leading cause of heart attacks in people with vascular heart disease. Many people with heart disease today are taking prescription medications to help keep their blood thin and prevent abnormal clotting. When a clot forms in a diseased heart vessel, blood supply to the heart muscle is blocked and a heart attack ensues. Keeping the blood thin goes a long way in preventing this from occurring. Is it possible that including pomegranates in the diet may be a wonderful alternative to prescription blood thinners? Stay tuned as more research on the beneficial effects of this amazing fruit on health and wellness will certainly be showing up more in the literature.
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Health care life coaches
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