Pastoral Thanatology for Those Suffering with Terminal Illness

Terminal Illness and Pastoral Thanatology

Pastoral Thanatology  deals with the needs of the dying and how to console them both spiritually and mentally. Some needs of the dying or short term, while others deal with long term care. The preparation of death for a family or individual can be overbearing. In such counseling, one should help prepare the person for death but also help them live the life that they have. In addition to this, the family should be preparing themselves for the eventual death and also how they will feel after the death. Some terminally ill patients are easier to deal with due to the type of family or faith they possess, while others may be alone or be in intense pain. Cases should be dealt with on an individual basis and adjusted to as needed. If you are interested in becoming a Pastoral Thanatologist, you should review the program and see if it matches your professional and educational needs.