Christian Counseling and Apolegetics

Christian Counseling and the Use of Apologetics

A Christian Counselor plays many rolesSometimes his role in counsel is to advice and instruct.  In these cases, the spiritual child may be confused with modern ideologies or philosophies.  Many of these philosophies are contrary to Christian Orthodoxy.  spiritual director is a sacred calling to defend and define the faith to the ignorant and instruct them in the truth.
With modern ideas of materialism, agnosticism, atheism, secularism, relativism, modernism and other deviant ideologies 

contrary to the faith, society has found itself lost.  With the faith constantly under attack from the outside, many Christians have lost their way without a shepherd.   This attacks from the outside come from many sources.  One can find them from the government, the schools and media.  The numbing of good consciences is the result as blatant sin becomes standard norm.  What was once unspeakable becomes now completely acceptable.  With these shifting morals, one sees morality sliding on a slippery curve of degeneration. 
The attacks do not only come from without but also within.  Scholars deny the faith via modernism.  This hideous assault on the faith hopes to demytholize the sacred nature of scripture and Christ and make it more credible with science.  Priests, ministers, teachers within church circles and other religious have also become infected with this and confuse the laity.
In these confusing times, a Christian counselor must be firm in his or her faith.  They must not only be counselors but also theologians.  They must understand the nature of the enemy of the faith and be well versed in scripture and the various theologies.  They must be aware of current events and how the church identifies them.
Christian Counseling may very well in the future become also a last stand of Christian orthodoxy as modern ideas attempt to destroy the Christian faith.  With such a divine calling, teachers and counselors of the faith should be proud in their profession.  In the next articles, we will review some of the modern ideologies and how teachers of the faith should respond to them when questioned.
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