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Health Care Manager Certification FAQS

health care manager certification


Welcome to the FAQs section for the Health Care Manager Certification program. This area is provided to you as a source of information that may be more clarified, related to questions you may have in regards to our certification program. Information regarding recertification, as well as information about our online continuing education courses, is also provided. We highly recommend that you first thoroughly review all of the information on our website, under the main page for Health Care Manager Certification. Access main page.

If after reviewing all of the provided information and this FAQs section, any other questions may be addressed by completing our request for information form online here. Thank you for your interest in our Health Care Manager certification and education program.

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What is Certification?

Answer: Certification is a voluntary process  provided by via an organization that through its qualified advisory boards develops comprehensive and quality standards for the practice of a type of specialty. The developed standards address high quality requirements for the practice of a certain specialty. The defined standards outline educational and/or practice requirements, any required prerequisites, and the need to adhere to a defined code of ethics for the practice specialty. Certification is different than any type of licensing. Certification is one means by which professionals may be publicly recognized as achieving a high level of education, knowledge base and practice skills for a certain healthcare related specialty. Certification also assists employer organizations and clients in their assessment of appropriate qualifications for candidates seeking positions in organizations and/or involved in private practices. It is commonly held that certification through an organization is fast becoming a “gold standard” for specialty practices. Certification testifies and provides a verification of defined educational requirements, adherence to a solid code of ethics, and in many instances prerequisites of practice experience for the practice in a variety of fields.


What Are the Criteria/standards I Will Need to Meet to Achieve Certification?

Answer: The educational criteria and standards are well and clearly defined within our website. Please access our main page to preview these requirements. Access here.


Over the Years, I Have Completed Many Seminars and Continuing Education Courses Related to Health Care Management. Will These Apply Toward the Education Requirements for Certification?

Answer: Please send in any transcript for review to determine if they can be utilized and an AIHCP course waived. You can contact us here.



Answer: a Certified Health Care Manager, as defined by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc, is a licensed or certified health care professional, or a qualified health care para-professional, who has achieved a high level of education, knowledge and skills in the following areas;

  1. health care management human resources and supplies,
  2. conflict resolution,
  3. leadership,
  4. budgeting and finance in health care,
  5. understanding health care delivery systems,
  6. team building,
  7. performance evaluation,
  8. union-labor relations,
  9. participative management,
  10. insurance reimbursement & managed care,
  11. legal ethical issues in health care management,
  12. organizational behavior and psychology,
  13. client services,
  14. quality improvement,
  15. outcomes measurement,
  16. goal setting and evaluation,
  17. strategic planning,
  18. staff training and development,
  19. employee motivation,
  20. employee discipline,
  21. staff scheduling models,
  22. employee benefits,
  23. effective delegation,
  24. highly effective communication skills,
  25. meeting management,
  26. business writing and presentation,
  27. over all transformational leadership and management skills appropriate for meeting the challenges of today’s health care environments.

Certified Health Care Managers work with individuals, groups, teams, clients, all health care professionals, executive managers and leaders, as well as outside vendors, suppliers and insurance/managed care providers, and community health related agencies and other community health care organizations, as required and needed. They reach is very broad and their influence and representation of their organization is generally deep within and outside of their organizations. They function as both managers and leaders regardless of their assigned positions. To be successful they must have a comprehensive base of knowledge and skill sets in both management and leadership principles as related specifically to health care.

Certified Health Care Managers hold positions in health care organizations in first-line management/leadership positions, including; supervisory positions, unit manager positions, assistant supervisory positions and assistant manager positions, they may also be in positions as department directors or department assistant directors. In nursing, they may be in positions as unit charge nurses or in other types of nursing supervisory capacities and positions including unit leaders, practice specialty leaders, unit managers and directors, directors of nursing, assistant directors of nursing, and other related positions.

Please note that our Certification for Certified Health Care Managers is not designed for any type of Executive Level position in health care practice. Such positions are beyond the scope of our standards. Those seeking an Executive level certification credential in health care leadership/management should contact the American College of Health Care Executives, access here.


Where Do Certified Health Care Managers Practice?

Answer:  Certified Health Care Managers practice in a wide variety of health care organizations today, including but not limited to; hospitals, health systems, outpatient centers, surgery centers, long-term care facilities, physician practices, urgent care centers, insurance companies, HMOs/PPOs, social service agencies, home care agencies, hospice agencies, health care diagnostic centers, health and wellness centers, outpatient treatment centers, and anywhere health care services are provided. Certified Health Care Managers may also be found in consulting positions and in positions as educators, writers, authors, health care marketers and in all areas of health care practice and delivery.


What is the Process for Achieving This Certification?

Answer: There is a two-phase process. In order to provide clear and sufficient information on the process we have developed a separate page that defines the process. You may access this information on the certification process at this link: click here.


How Can I Submit an Application?

Answer: Making application is easy. We provide an online application form and a printable application form as well. Those wishing to make application can find these forms at this link. Please note that incomplete applications will not be reviewed. All applications that are submitted must include all required documents and verification as specified for review and consideration of certification conferral. Before making any application, you must meet the defined pre-requisites for a given program and have successfully completed the full continuing education curriculum, or a curriculum from a program that AIHCP, Inc. has officially approved.


After Certification is There a Recertification Process?

Answer: Yes. The American Institute of Health Care Professionals provides a full program for recertification. Detailed information on the criteria to be recertified, after the four-year initial certification period, is provided on our website. Access here.


I Am Currently Certified by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals. I Know I Am Required to Achieve Additional Education in Order to Qualify for Recertification in the Future. Do You Offer Any Continuing Education Courses That I May Take to Meet My Recertification Requirements?

Answer: Yes, we offer recertification CE courses. You can view them all by category at the following link.  Access here.


Do You Have Any Testimonials From Professionals Who Have Become Certified Through Your Programs?

Answer: Yes. We have a testimonials page on our website that you may view at the following link. Access Here.