Stress Management Consulting Program Article on Anxiety

Stressors exist throughout life.  How we respond is critical.  Overreation to stress in the modern world is unhealthy.   Our bodies go into a fight or flight mode when the situation is not life altering when stress occurs.  Within the body also occurs anxiety which is an imbalanced reaction to a stressor that causes uneasiness and uncertainty.   Over worry is associated with anxiety

There are times to be nervous.  There are times to worry.  However, it is important to know when unhealthy stress reactions are occurring.  Most successful individuals are able to utilize worry into action and minimize anxiety.  Proper responses and balanced responses are key.

When does stress cross a healthy line and start causing extreme anxiety? Please also review AIHCP’s Stress Management Consulting Program


Yet, anxiety can sometimes be more than external issues.  Most anxious moments can be coped with but those with clinical anxiety can be paralyzed socially and need professional guidance and maybe medication.

The article, “Having Anxiety vs. Feeling Anxious: What’s the Difference?” from Healthline reviews normal anxious feelings with anxiety.  The article states,

“Anxiety is a normal response to stress, and isn’t always a bad thing. But when it gets to be uncontrollable or excessive to the point where it affects quality of life, this may be indicative of an anxiety disorder.  Knowing the difference between anxiety and an anxiety disorder can help you talk with your doctor about your symptoms and any concerns you might be having.”

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