Funeral Associate Certification Article on The Psychological Importance of Funerals

Funerals are a critical social practice.  The service and social structure of it serves more the living than the dead, although many cultures incorporate religious and spiritual traditions and rituals to it that are important in their view to the soul. However, today we are only looking at the importance funerals play for the living as a social transitioning into acceptance of the reality of death.

For many, a funeral is critical in accepting the reality, but it is also a social convention where neighbors and loved ones can all share in the loss of a loved one, and not only grieve but celebrate the life of the departed.  This is critical in healing for the bereaved.

Funerals allow individuals to accept death and socially receive the support in their grieving process. Please also review AIHCP’s Funeral Associate Certification


The article, “Psychologist On Why Funerals Are Fundamental To Processing Grief” Mary Louise Kelly looks closer at the importance of funerals to the bereaved.  She states,

“Funerals and the rituals that go along with mourning that loss are really fundamental to a number of processes. They’re fundamental to how we mourn, to how we grieve, to how we reinforce social ties, to how we expand the social safety net in times of vulnerability and loss. And more fundamentally, they reflect what it means for us to be human and for us to love and for us to connect.”

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With Covid and the pandemic, it has been difficult for many to properly say goodbye to their loved ones.  Funeral restrictions have prevented this critical process of grieving.  No doubt it will also leave numerous psychological scars for years to come for those who were unable to properly say farewell to their loved ones.

Please also review AIHCP’s Grief Counseling Certification Program but also AIHCP’s Funeral Associate Certification.  Programs are designed for working professionals and provide a four year certification.