Funeral Associate Certification Article on Funerals and Grief during COVID

Funeral Directors face new challenges with grief during COVID.  Families who lose loved ones to COVID are unable to properly grieve.  Funerals are limited and public condolences are prohibited in many cases.  In addition, many families feel disenfranchised due to the stimga of COVID and the issues surrounding it.

Grieving and funerals during COVID face challenges for the bereaved to properly express themselves. Please also review our Funeral Associate Certification


The article from “Whats Your Grief”, “5 Ways Funeral Directors Can Help Families When A Death Is Disenfranchised” looks at in-depth regarding this issue.  The article states,

“Recently, the world has been focused on deaths from COVID-19. And these deaths certainly have the potential to be experienced as disenfranchised.  Notice I say “potential to be experienced as disenfranchised”. It’s important to note that disenfranchised grief is a subjective experience. People want, need, and receive different things from family, friends, and community. And it’s not a guarantee that everyone who experiences a particular type of loss will feel stigmatized or a lack of support and validation.”

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COVID has made grieving our dead difficult for not only those who die of it but for funerals in general.  Funeral Directors are faced with a new challenge of helping others express grief and find closure without traditional norms.  Please also review our Funeral Associate Certification and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.