ADHD Consulting Training Article on Adult ADHD

ADHD is usually considered a child only disorder.  It is correlated with the unruly school child or inattentive out of control kid at home.  Yet it goes well beyond children but can also affect many adults.  Adults who are never diagnosed or treated, never really learn the true normal of life.  Instead if diagnosed they seem to shrug or laugh it off, but the reality is, ADHD has always been an issue in their lives.  ADHD causes in many adults broken relationships, disorder and failed professions.


Adult ADHD can have devastating effects on one’s personal and professional life. It i needs to be diagnosed and treated to bring about a healthy mental life style. Please also review AIHCP’s ADHD Consulting Training program


The article, “I was diagnosed with ADHD aged 35 – the biggest hurdle was convincing everyone it’s real” by Dr Kate Lister looks at how a new world emerges for those who face ADHD and learn to cope with it.  The article states,

“Until my sister was diagnosed with it, I knew next to nothing about ADHD. I didn’t even know adults could have ADHD, but they can, and as it turned out, I was one of them. I was formally diagnosed with adult ADHD at the age of 35 and the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.”

Discovering one has ADHD can be a critical turning point in anyone’s life.  To read the entire article, please click here

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