ADHD Consulting Certification Article on ADHD and Bad Behavior

Behavior from ADHD is can definitely be noticed by parents or teachers.  The bad behaviors though can sometimes be mixed with what is truly ADHD or bad behavior.  Knowing the differences between ADHD behavior and bad behavior is important.  In essence, ADHD behavior should not be classified as bad behavior.  It is important to learn how to reward the behaviors we want to limit with ADHD.

The article, “Don’t Mistake Your Child’s ADHD Symptoms for Bad Behavior” by James Greenblatt states,

“Your child is not deliberately willful, disobedient, scattered, demanding, obnoxious, aggressive, or lazy. ADHD is not a “behavior problem” or a “discipline problem.” ADHD is a neurological, genetic, nutritional, and environmental medical disorder that imbalances the brain.”

This is good advice for parents.  While the behavior may be not desired, one must understand that it is not bad in itself or intended.  This may also make it difficult to identify bad behaviors not associated with ADHD.  To read the entire article, please click here

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