Grief Counseling Certification Article on Disenfranchised Grief

Grief is loss and all loss needs vindicated in one’s life.  When grief is not acknowledged it can cause many problems in the grief process.  Disenfranchised grief is when grief is not respected.  Examples include pet loss.  Many people are told when they lose a pet that it does not matter.  This is the type of rejection that the grieving should not be subjected to.  Other examples include stigmas that surround loss, such as the loss of a same sex partner, or the minimizing of an individuals connection to another person who may have passed away.  In all these cases, the grief is not accepted socially or acknowledged as legitimate.

A grief that is not respected or acknowledged is a disenfranchised grief. Please also review our grief counseling certification program to see if it meets your needs

The article, “What Is Disenfranchised Grief?” by Linnea Crowther looks at the nature of disenfranchised grief. She states,

“It’s painful when others don’t understand your grieving or don’t believe that you’re really feeling the loss that you are. Disenfranchised grief is more common than you might realize, and it increases the trauma of a loss.”

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