Healthy Eating! Reasons to Choose Vegan Protein Powder

Four Stand Out Health Reasons to Choose a Vegan Protein Powder

Protein is made up of amino acids which are required for essential metabolic functions in the human body. Without them we can’t survive.  Protein is naturally and plentifully found in a wide variety of wholefood sources however, more and more people are turning to protein powders to assist with recovery, convenience and meal replacement. With the rise in the use of protein powder, many are starting to ask what the benefits of vegan protein powders are for long and short term health.

Leading research has shown the benefits of a vegan diet in decreasing the chances of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer – some of our leading causes of death.You can find more information on those here <>But when considering a protein powder, should you choose Vegan as well? The answer is yes. Here are four stand out health reasons why I choose a vegan protein powder.

1)      Stop the Bloat, Gas and other unpleasantness

Many animal based proteins are whey based. Whey is a form of dairy and dairy is a leading cause of um…, excessive flatulence, bloating and other unpleasantness. This is due to poor digestion of the milk sugar in milk called lactose. It is estimated that a whopping 75% of adults have some sort of issue with processing lactose ranging between a minor and major reaction. The unpleasant side effects from lactose usually begin to present 30 minutes after the dairy intake. Studies have found that when dairy was removed from peoples diets gas, bloating and general uncomfortableness were eliminated too. <>. By choosing a vegan protein powder and eliminating dairy from your dietyou cantotally eliminate lactose induced digestive stress. It’s that simple.

When making your protein smoothie, you still need to be mindful of the ingredients that you use to keep your smoothie lactose free. Below is a useful substitution table:

Lactose Lactose Free
Instead of: Whey protein Use: A vegan protein powder
Instead of: Casein protein Use: A vegan protein powder
Instead of: Cows milk Use: Rice milk, coconut milk, coconut water, almond milk, chia milk
Instead of: Yoghurt Use: Non-dairy coconut yoghurt or Avocado – this will make your smoothie delightfully creamy
Instead of: Ice cream Use: Avocado


2)      Acidic VsAlkaline

The pH levels in our body are directly affected by the food we eat.  Unfortunately modern western diets are typically made up of heavily processed foods, animal products, coffee, alcohol, soft drink and sugar. These are all acid forming. A prolonged diet which leans towards acid forming food will make incremental changes to your blood making it more acidic. This creates the perfect breeding ground for ill health and serious disease, something we all want to avoid. Thankfully, most plant based foods are alkaline-forming and is a great reason when considering a protein powder, a natural vegan protein powder is the best choice.

If you are interested to find out which foods are acid and alkaline forming, below is a quick reference for use as a guide.

Acidic forming Alkaline forming
Canned or Glazed Fruits Apple




Ice Cream


Milk Dates
Most oils Figs
Corn Tofu
Lentils Tempeh
Olives Broccoli
Bread Beets
Rice (all) Cabbage
Spaghetti Carrot
Wheat Cauliflower
Beef Leefy greens
Veal Eggplant
Bacon Pumpkin


3)      Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation can be helpful and harmful to our body.  On one hand, it is part of our immune response system which allows us to heal, on the other hand if things get out of balance it can cause painful damage. Rheumatoid arthritis is but one painful condition of extreme inflammation.

Milk products are said to triggerinflammatory diseases due to people’s intolerances to whey and casein both found in dairy. By choosingto switch out the cause of the inflammation with a vegan protein you get double the benefits, and keep in mind these will compound over time creating a desirable alkaline and inflammation busting state in the body.

Tip: And if you want to supercharge your protein smoothie, add berries. These superfruits are high in antioxidants and have been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties. For more on this visit:

4)      Choice in Plants

There are a number of Vegan protein powders available today.The first thing to look at is whether the ingredients in the protein powder are natural. Proteins like golden pea and sprouted brown rice are preferable as they provide all essential and non-essential amino acids, they alkalise the body, are dairy free and are easily digested:

–       Brown Rice: While rice is mostly composed of carbohydrate, it also contains protein, which is extracted to create brown rice protein. Brown rice protein is hypo-allergic and easily digested so a fantastic choice.

–       Pea: This plant-based protein is highly digestible and is high in glutamic acid which helps convert carbs into energy.  A brilliant vegan protein option.

So in summary, vegan protein powders are an excellent choice for your health regardless of whether you are a herbivore or omnivore. You will stop the lactose induced bloat, encourage a balanced pH, fight inflammation and provides alternative choices for your morning smoothie. Happy researching your ideal natural vegan protein powder!

Bianca Perry is passionate about optimal health that feeds living a fun, experience rich life. She is an endurance athlete and a pursuer of quality nutritional.

Bianca loves to run, and running marathons in exotic locations is where she gets her kicks. Her vision is to share and inspire health through high quality nutrition and has created Tao Nutrition  a natural protein superfood to help athletes and health conscious achieve this. Tao Nutrition is packed full of high quality ingredients to accelerate recovery and superfoods like maca, acai berry, kale, beetroot, chia and cacao to provide all of your antioxidant and micronutrient needs. You can find out more about Bianca and Tao Nutrition click here.

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