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Women Health - Why Organic Bedding at the Time Of Menopause?

By Meggie Haneckow

Menopause brings not only physical changes in women but is also considered to be a stressful time for them mentally. After a certain age, menopause can strike anytime; therefore, any woman in her late thirties or early forties must get familiar with the signs and symptoms of the phase.

While every woman might not experience all the symptoms and some might be blessed to experience a trouble free menopause, statistics has it that 40 per cent of American women suffer serious symptoms including hot flashes and extreme pain. A sudden rise in body temperature accompanied by sweating and shivering are also common symptoms. Is there anything that can provide relief from these symptoms?

While any doctor can prepare a prescription for you to deal with the symptoms, certain natural problems are best dealt with interference of nature only.  This post talks about some of the natural and organic ways to mellow down the symptoms of menopause.

Certain innate properties of organic fibers such as wool, silk and bamboo, have been studied thoroughly by professionals in research and development domain. It is a proven fact that most of the organic fibers are extremely helpful in providing relief from a number of symptoms of menopause. For example, silk has the ability to regulate body temperature. This is the reason why silk pillows and bed comforters are recommended for women going through menopause.

Proper sleep is crucial for giving the body complete rest. Organic comforters like those made from bamboo encourage a good night’s sleep. Bamboo and other organic bedding are particularly meant for those who sweat profusely. Because sweating is a symptom of menopause, women experiencing trouble sleeping due to sweat can use bamboo organic bedding for getting a restful sleep. Additionally, bamboo bedding keeps the body cool by bringing down the body levels.

Apart from bamboo and silk bedding, natural latex bedding is considered to a premium sleep companion by women going through menopause. This skin-friendly fabric is also hypoallergenic as are other organic fibers – bamboo and silk.

In a sum total, bamboo comforters and other organic bedding is one of the wisest investments to make for those who wish to deal with menopause with least discomfort. Even otherwise, because of their innumerable health benefits, silk pillows and other eco-friendly bedding is a value-for-money purchase. Thinking about the style quotient? You have absolutely no need to worry. The market is flooded with designs beyond your imagination.
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