Sandy Hook: Finding Gratitude, Even in Grief

The article, “Sandy Hook: Finding Gratitude, Even in Grief”, by Miranda Pacchiana states

“I will let my thoughts turn to friends, neighbors and all of those who are hurting and impacted by grave loss. I will consider the strength and trust that so many of them have shown.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

This article is sad and a sign of grief support.  The families of SandyHook no doubt suffered greatly on Thanksgiving, but many were also able to find happiness and love of the support and new friends they have found since the shooting.

Being able to find gratitude and some sort of happiness is critical in grief support.  Of course, every Thanksgiving or Holiday will bring tears, but being able to live in the present is key to avoiding pathological and self destructive grief

Grief counselors should always look for healthy healing in their patients.  Signs of gratitude and happiness admist pain, is a good sign, their patients are healing.

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