How Stress Can Hurt A Business

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Employee burnout, higher turn over rate are all how stress can hurt a business.

The article, “Study finds work stress costs economy $14.81b annually”, by tannett states

“Work stress is causing sleep deprivation, harm to physical health and costing the economy $14.81 billion annually.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals’ insight:

Learn How Stress Can Hurt A Business And How To Stop It!

The truth about work related stress is that is costs businesses billions of dollars each year.   A stressed employee is a nonproductive one.   From illnesses and anxiety to employee burnout and lower quality of work are all signs of too much stress.

What is the cost of work stress?   A new study shows stress costs businesses nearly 15 billion dollars annually.    Losing that much in employee productivity and turn over can kill any business.  It is clear to see how stress can hurt a business.   It is why learning to manage your stress is important and should be a key part of any management plan.

What causes workplace stress?   It can come from a number of sources.   Large workloads, long hours, job insecurity and conflicts at work can all cause job stress.    If you know anyone who suffers from work related stress, suggest to them that they seek out stress management advice to help them deal with their workplace stress.

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