Substance Abuse Counseling Program: Bath Salts

A packet of the illegal drug bath salts
Substance Abuse Counselors should be able to identify this drug.

Substance Abuse Counseling Program: What are Bath Salts?

The article, “‘Bath Salts’ Act In The Brain Like Cocaine”, source: Medical News Today states

“The use of the synthetic stimulants collectively known as “bath salts” have gained popularity among recreational drug users over the last five years, largely because they were readily available and unrestricted via the Internet and at convenience stores, and were virtually unregulated.”

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A vial of bath salts
A small bottle of bath salts.

Because this drug can be purchases some what legally on the streets it is important that all substance abuse counselors know what it can do.   Bath salts are a dangerous drug and we need to prepare ourselves for its fallout.
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