Bereavement and Pet Loss

Pet Loss and Attachment

The grief associated with a loss of pet can be great. Unfortunately, many people dismiss this loss as insignificant compared to loss of family or friends. The reality is the bond and attachment between a pet and owner can be just as intense. The blind eye of society to the severe suffering caused by the loss of a pet especially to children and the elderly is something that has begun to change with the more thorough study of grief. Attachment to a pet is something that is now seen as gravely important in anyone’s inter-relationships. In some cases, it is the only relationship for some people. This loss must be addressed as well. AICHP offers grief specialty certifications in Pet Loss. The program introduces the student to the basics of grief, but afterwards focuses four core courses on the issue of pet loss grief counseling.  Through these six courses in all, the counselor can achieve certification in Pet loss and Grief Bereavement and Pet Loss