How Meditation Can Alter Your Brain Waves

A stone pathway
Meditation can lead your brain down different pathways.










Wondering how meditation can alter your brain?  A study about meditation was conducted with 45 students involved.   After 4 weeks of meditating the brain scans of the students showed a denser white matter in the brains of those who did the meditation.   Students also reports being in a better mood, improved relaxation and lowered stress, anxiety and signs of depression.   These are all sign that meditation is good for your body, mind and soul.

How Meditation Helps Rewire Your Brain

The article, “Why meditation helps you focus: Mindfulness improves brain wiring in just a month”, by Claire Bates states

“Just a month of meditation training alters brain wiring in ways that could open the door to new treatments for mental disorders, research has shown.”

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It is clear how meditation can provide health benefits.   However not very many people know about meditation.   It is up to us who know of its benefits to spread the word and help our fellow citizens on the path to rest and relaxation.

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