Things Case Management Programs Need to Teach You.

Good Case Management Programs

On the job training is never fun
On the job training is never fun

As a recent college graduate, I am really amazed at how much they do not teach you in school. I am a civil engineer and I have been at my first job for about three months. I have used very little of the complex math that I had to learn as an undergraduate and I feel like I wasted a lot of time and effort learning that stuff for nothing. My job has spent a lot of time and money teaching me things that I feel like I could have learned in school instead. It is not just me, either. Everyone else who the company hires right out of school has the same problem. This is not even something that is an engineer problem either. My friend is a new nurse and says she wishes her program would have taught her something about nursing case managementbecause her job requires it.

Some case management programs just want to push you out the door.   Not AIHCP!  They allow you to take your time and study at your own pace.    A good online program will help you learn and advance when you are ready.   Insuring that you learn the material instead of just memorizing it.