Health Coach Recruitment Advice.

Are you looking for a health coach for your practice?   Then you probably do not know where to start looking or what to look for in a health care life coach.   This is normal.  If you do not know anything about health care coaching then it is alright to be a little confused.   First off the terms health coach, wellness coach, and life coach all mean the same thing.    When searching you should find a health care coach that you are comfortable working with and you feel your patients would be comfortable around as well.    Health coaching will not work if you do not feel confident in your health coach!   Secondly, make sure your health care coach has a health care coach certification.    For more on finding the perfect coach for you please read the following:
By Laura Miller
From Becker’s Spine Review

How to Choose a Health Coach for Your Practice

In many communities, it can be difficult to recruit a good LCSW for your program. “It’s not easy to find the right person to become a health coach at your practice,” says Scott Anderson, COO of Prairie Spine & Pain Institute in Peoria, Ill. “This is especially true if you are in a smaller market.” Here, Mr. Anderson discusses how to recruit a health coach for your practice.

1. Let them know they’ll see the patient first.
In traditional care programs, a social worker is often brought into cases as a last resort after other clinical therapies and when other treatments have failed, leaving patients frustrated with their care. In this integrated care delivery model, the LCSW working as your integrated care program “Health Coach” should be  the first person to see the patient and work with them throughout their care at your facility.
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A doctor shaking hands with a man in a suit
Choosing a health coach for your patients does not have to be hard!
Once you establish what you are looking for, finding a qualified health coach should be simple.
If you are interested in earning a health care coaching certificate or taking a few online health coaching courses then you might want to go to our website.