Substance Abuse: How to Keep Your Teen Clean!

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Simply being involved can stop substance abuse

Teen substance abuse is an area where parents will always need to stay vigilant.  Peer pressure and experimentation are constant.   What is the answer to this problem?   Being involved in your teen’s life.   Knowing where they are at and who they are with.   However when that is not enough you might want to start hanging around other parents that have similar parenting habits as your own.   An article suggests that teens who are friends with other teens that have parents with the same parenting style, they are less likely to abuse drugs.

Substance Abuse: How to Keep Your Teen Clean!

The article, “Keeping Teens Substance Free”, Source: MedicalNewsToday

“Among friendship groups with ‘good parents’ there’s a synergistic effect – if your parents are consistent and aware of your whereabouts, and your friends’ parents are also consistent and aware of their (children’s) whereabouts, then you are less likely to use substances,” said Michael J. Cleveland, research assistant professor at the Prevention Research Center and the Methodology Center, Penn State.”

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Obviously this is not a fool proof way to keep your teens off of drugs and alcohol but it is a start in the right direction.   There are many other teen substance abuse counseling techniques you can use.  Drug abuse counseling and alcohol abuse counseling help and resources can be found throughout the internet.   If you want to learn more on the subject, our website is a good place to start.