Substance abuse and the effects on the brain

Drugs kill the brain slowly
Drugs kill the brain slowly










Substance abuse can have many different effects on the human body.   It is never positive and has lasting effects on the brain.   A new study shows that cocaine, while it gives the user a quick rush, it can slow your brain down in the long run.   It is important that young people receive

The article, “Cocaine Brain? Cognitive Decline Tied To Chronic Use Of Illicit Drug”, Source: Huffington Post states

“Regular cocaine users often experience early cognitive decline and brain atrophy, and the new findings show how these users are, indeed, actually losing gray matter in their brain much faster than people who don’t take the drug.”

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Struggling with an addiction to drugs is a horrible thing to go through.   The need for trained substance abuse counselors to combat these addictions and help those trapped by them is ever growing.   If you are interested in substance abuse counseling, you should visit our site.