What is Mindfulness Meditation? – Find The Answer.

Mindfulness Meditation

There are huge chances of coming across the term “mindfulness meditationif a person is a regular follower of health magazines or health journals. People who are not acquainted with this term may ask, what is mindfulness meditation? To answer this question in a proper manner one has to first explain what meditation is and then explain what is mindfulness. The practice of meditation involves sitting in a quiet place and spending some time focusing on any particular thing. In mindfulness meditation a person has to focus or concentrate on the working of his mind. Mindfulness means to be completely aware of the events and thoughts that are taking place at the very present moment without being judgmental of one’s own self. The question of what is mindfulness meditation is generally followed by another query that is, what are the benefits of mindfulness meditation? Research conducted by various institutes and organizations show that mindfulness meditation helps to deal with stress, it improves the mood of a person, boosts the immune system and also helps to handle emotions in an appropriate manner. A person can reap better results if mindfulness meditation is practiced on a regular basis. This particular type of medication does not require a lot of time, 10 or 15 minutes is sufficient. For better results a person can practice this medication once in the morning and once before going to sleep.
Need for Meditation In the modern world where people live very busy lives the trend of multitasking is setting in. People are worried about what will happen in the future, they brood over the past but forget to live the present moment. Mindfulness meditation brings the realization that the present moment is the only reality. The past cannot be changed and the future cannot be predicted. For mindfulness meditation a person has to first find a comfortable place that is void of disturbances that can evoke negative emotions like anger, jealously hatred etc. Next the person can sit on the floor or on a chair with the neck, back and head in a straight position and then slowly close the eyes.

Mindfulness meditation
mindfulness meditation
Meditation Technique The person should concentrate on the present and put aside other thoughts of the future or even of the past. After this the person should slowly focus on his breathing process. He will be able to sense the things going on around him like the flow of wind. He should also concentrate on the physical changes like the up and own movement of his chest etc. This process of focus or concentration can be broken by a feeling, thought or an image. When such thoughts, feelings or images come to the mind there is no need to get worried or to suppress them. It is important to simply note the going and coming of thoughts and emotions but not to get caught in it. The practitioner of mindfulness meditation should act like an impassive observer who is aware of all the things that are going on but not reacting to it. It is important to remain calm and composed. In mindfulness meditation one should not criticize or judge, one should simply observe. Mindfulness mediation is also non egoistic. This means while practicing this particular meditation one should get rid of concepts like “mine”, “me” etc. This particular type of meditation is a threefold process as the practitioner slowly gets aware of the surrounding, the human body and finally the thoughts as well as emotions that come to the mind. When the time for the meditation is over the practitioner should sit for a minute or so and become aware of where he is and then finally rise. Mindfulness meditation can improve every aspect of life whether a person is working, talking or spending a good time with loved ones. This type of meditation helps to get rid of the burdens of yesterday and tomorrow by concentrating on now or the present. The change that can be experienced by practicing this particular type of meditation is not short lived. Mindfulness meditation leaves a permanent mark on a person by changing his total outlook of life and how he reacts in different situations. Mindfulness meditation is a way to a better life and also a better way of living.  If you are interested in taking meditation courses, please review the program.