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Role Of The Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist



The Role of the Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotism is commonly regarded as a parlor trick; an act put up by a magician to woo his audience. However, hypnotism or hypnosis is a much deeper philosophy and can be used for many purposes.  The certification in Hypnotherapy offered by AIHCP and the American College of Hypnotherapy is designed to help health care professionals utilize the healing properties of Hypnotherapy for their clients and patients.  The benefit of Hypnotherapy is that is non-evasive and alternative method to medications.  It can be utilized to help the subconscious overcome trauma, fears or bad habits.

Hypnotherapy is a special branch of psychotherapy, which uses hypnosis as a method to diagnose and cure certain ailments. This method is utilized to create an unconscious change in the patient by introducing new responses, thoughts, behavioral changes and changes in attitude into the subconscious mind. Contrary to popular belief, a patient is not “put under” and has control over his or her actions. Hypnotherapy enables the patient to attain a peaceful state of being, where he or she is not distracted by other mundane problems. This helps patients to focus on their problems and by asking pertinent questions, a clinical hypnotherapist can get to the root of these problems. However, a patient under hypnotherapy is more open to certain suggestions and ideas. By subtle implantation of these suggestions into the patient’s subconscious, a clinical hypnotherapist can help the patient take the first steps towards positive behavioral change.


The role of the Hypnotherapist involves:

Helping the patient reach a trance like state of peace and tranquility

Utilizing proper methodologies in the trance state to help the patient reach resolution with his or her problem.

Hypnotherapy has proven to be a successful and alternative treatment in many areas, including:

Child birth
Eating Disorders
Habit Control
Pain Control

and much more!

Hypnotherapy is also an excellent opportunity for certified practitioners in the following fields to advance or utilize their existing practice in:

Stress Management
Anger Management
Life Coaching
Meditation Instructor
Spiritual Counseling
Grief Counseling
Crisis Intervention
Holistic Nursing

Hypnotherapists can operate from their own home or private practice but can also offer their services to businesses or other government agencies.

If you are a licensed, certified or degreed health care professional, then the field of Hypnotherapy may be an excellent way to diversify your career and at the same time, help people overcome a multitude of fears and disorders merely by the healing of the subconscious.

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