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Grief Support Practitioner CE Course Program

Grief Support Practitioner CE Course Program


cemetry at sunriseThe American Academy of Grief Counseling offers a full Continuing Education program of online courses for those seeking to receive the advanced practice level Certification in Grief Counseling as a Certified Grief Support Practitioner. Upon completion of the eight (8) courses detailed below, applicants are eligible to apply for and receive Certification as a Certified Grief Support Practitioner in the American Academy of Grief Counseling. Each course is provided for in a dedicated online classroom. The courses are designed as independent study/continuing education courses, with one-to-one faculty mentoring. There is open enrollment and students may register and begin the education program at anytime.

Certification Program

Those seeking Certification in the Grief Support Practitioner Program must first successfully complete the four (4) core courses in the Grief Counseling Certification Program and attain the status of a Certified Grief Counselor. To review information on the Grief Counseling Certification program please view this page: click here

Certified Grief Counselors, who qualify, may enter and complete the Certification Program to become a Certified Grief Support Practitioner, see certification program, access here.

Course Fees: Below are listed the required courses for this curriculum. At the end of each course description you will find the course cost listed. All textbooks and learning materials are separate and not included in the course cost.  

The following CE courses have provider approvals: The American Institute of Health Care Professionals Inc. is a licensed Continuing Education Provider in the State of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Provider # CEP 15595. For additional information please access here.


GC 675 – Research And Clinical Practice In Grief Counseling

Grief Research and Practice is a comprehensive CE course that describes, explains and evaluates the most current research in the areas of grief theory, bereavement and specialized grief therapy modalities.   Analyzing the major themes in the literature on these topics,, the course provides the practitioner with a concrete connection between research and practice through the use of case studies, descriptive analysis of evidence based treatment plans, and comparative analysis of approaches to age, gender and cultural groups.  You will read the analyses of these topics by the leaders in the field of thanatology and grief therapy, including Robert Niemeyer, Colin Murray Parks, William Worden, Kenneth Doka, John Shep Jeffreys and many more. Among the topics described and applied are meaning reconstruction in the grieving process; new interpretations of attachment and coping theories; the two track model of bereavement; task based approaches to bereavement; and contextual issues that arise when dealing with grief.  The course presupposes and builds on your knowledge gained in previous courses in grief counseling. This comprehensive course provides the student with 60 CE contact hours of education. Course Code: GC 675. Course Cost: $ 250.00.


GC 676 – Cognitive Grief Therapy

This course provides a focused consideration of cognitive grief therapy. The selected text contains theoretical background of this strand of grief therapy. Well known cognitive models are discussed in context of grief-related concerns. Among the discussions are the topics of therapeutic work with grieving couples and family systems. Several cognition-based interventions are displayed, both didactically and via case studies. And, importantly, the text concludes with a note regarding cognitive issues for the therapist working with grieving people. Malkinson averred that “cognitive constructions of a meaning to life without the lost person is a process” (p. 1), and it is this dynamic process that is treated and handled in this text from a cognitive perspective. This comprehensive course provides the student with 40 CE contact hours of education. Course Code: GC 676. Course Cost: $ 175.00.


GC 677 – Group Therapies For Complicated Grief

Based on the latest research on the value of group therapy and complicated grief, this advanced CE course explains, analyzes and evaluates two practical models for treating complicated grief in group settings.  The course provides a detailed review of the research on complicated grief, including risk factors and prevalence, and describes the dynamics of group support as effective therapy for those in complicated grief.  Practical guidance is given in assessment of complicated grief and forming effective groups for this population. The course presupposes and builds on your knowledge gained in previous courses in grief counseling.  This course is designed to provide 35 contact hours of education. Course Code: GC 677. Course Cost: $ $ 175.00.


GC 678 – Grief And Bereavement In End Of Life Issues

This course is based on a text that presents an array of critical issues for the mental health professional concerning end-of-life care. Various topics are addressed by veteran voices in the field, and the extended perspectives render an informed amalgamation of useful points for practitioners. For instance, readers’ knowledge base will be enriched by situational illustrations, helpful practical tips, and detailed discussions found in the selected text. Given the inherent challenging nature of the topic, the content of this course is designed to assist mental health professionals to better navigate the complex issues of end-of-life care. This course is designed to provide 50 contact hours of education. Course Code: GC 678. Course Cost: $ 200.00.


GC 550 – Grieving Children

This course provides a way for grief counseling professionals to be informed on the dynamics and nuances of the delicate subject of children and grief bereavement. The text incorporates anecdotal accounts and narrative excerpts as well as references to published studies. A wide array of related issues are discussed including developmental distinctions of childhood, differential grief effects contingent upon the type of death, guidelines for tending to children’s grief, a special focus on aggrieved children in the school setting, and other topics of concern. A host of counseling/therapeutic suggestions are offered based on the author’s clinical practice. The author of the text and this course focuses on the topics of grieve reactions in children, as well as therapeutic interventions. Course Code: GC 550. Contact hours of Education = 30. Course Fee: $ 150.00


GC 679 – Anxiety In Long-term Grief

This course examines issues of anxiety and anxiety disorders related to long-term grief reactions. An exploration of Anxiety in the context of Long-Term Grief explores the experience of those who have lost a loved one, yet continue to struggle with persistent symptomatology (e.g., trauma and anxiety). Recommendation for treatment are made adding to the up and coming diagnosis of Complicated Grief. Overlap of Complicated Grief and trauma issues are addressed, as well as the factors contributing to the persistent grief, such as disorders of attachment. There is no empirically validated treatments for Complicated Grief, yet researchers are beginning to understand the risk factors that contribute to Complicated Grief, as well as the ability to discuss the up to date research and what seems to work and where the research needs to go from here. Upon completion of this course, students will receive 35 contact hours of continuing education. Course Code: GC 679Contact hours of education = 35. Course Fee = $ 175.00


GC 540 – Meaning Reconstruction In Grief And Bereavement

This comprehensive course explores the principles and propositions of the revisionist theory of “meaning reconstruction” as it applies to grief and bereavement. The course examines the current body of research that argues for a more dynamic concept of loss that goes beyond stage or task theory.  Meaning reconstruction positions the concept of grief on the constructivist process of meaning making and on a reworking of the griever’s assumptive world. The course elucidates this grief theory as a highly subjective and social process in which the bereaved – rather than withdrawing energy from the deceased – constructs a new world of meaning as a result of the experience of loss. As the student appraises this contemporary paradigm, he/she will develop a fresh understanding of the role of grief and loss in changing the life perception of the griever.  The student will also assess meaning making strategies and therapist dialog in order to apply the theory of meaning reconstruction as a technique in grief counseling.

The reading in this course is extensive and presumes that students have a good understanding of the process of grief as described in stage and task theory. Readings have been chosen from a variety of grief theorists in order to furnish the student with a thorough understanding of the rich dimensions of this approach. Contact hours of education = 40.  Course Cost: $ 150.00 Course Code: GC 530


GC 681 – Grief After Suicide

This course is based on a text that presents the research and study of suicide (suicidology) as well as clinical practice of providing therapy and counseling to suicide bereaved/survivors. Numerous chapters contain discussions by noted professionals in the industry pertaining to the impact of suicide loss upon individuals of varying ages and family systems, as well as practitioners.  The selected text provides an informed overview of the topic of suicide bereavement and the state of the field of study. Course Code:  GC 681.  Contact hours of education =50. Course Cost: $ 200.00


Additional Information

  • Pre-requisite to enrolling in the continuing education program: registrants must be currently Certified in Grief Counseling by the American Academy of Grief Counseling and MUST hold a graduate level college degree. 
  • All courses are continuing education courses and are provided in online classrooms via our website. Upon enrollment a unique identification and password is provided for classroom access. The online classrooms provide full syllabi and course information, including the course exams and evaluations. Students must achieve a minimum score of 70% on the course examination to pass the continuing education courses.
  • Participants are given three (3) years from the date of enrollment into the first course, to complete the entire program of eight (8) continuing education courses.
  • Upon completion of each course, you will be awarded the corresponding continuing education contact hours and receive the CE certificate verifying course completion and the award of education credits. Registration may be completed online, by accessing the links.
  • The courses in the Grief Support Practitioner curriculum are also approved for use by Certified Grief Counselors for achieving continuing education requirements for Recertification of their GC-C status in the Academy.
  • Participants must complete the entire continuing education program to be eligible to receive this advanced certification.


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