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Anger Management Counselor Recertification

RECERTIFICATION BY CONTINUING EDUCATION HOURSanger management counselor certification

Certified Anger Management Counselor members may elect this option for recertification. An application for recertification by continuing education hours must be completed. Information required on the application must be completed in full. The fee for recertification by continuing education hours is $ 200.00, plus shipping and handling. Recertification is for a 4 year period.

FAQS for Recertification



  1. Candidates must have acquired evidence of 50 contact hours ( 1 contact hour = 50 minutes of study/lecture/learning activity. Contact hours must have been acquired within the four year period of active certification by the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc.
  2. Continuing Education contact hours must be acquired accordingly: at least 50% of hours must be directly related to anger management care and treatment/practice and 50% of hours may be related to other areas of the candidate’s health care professional practice.
  3. Candidates must have practiced their certification specialty for at least 500 hours of practice within the four year period of active certification.
  4. For recertification candidates who do not meet the hours of practice requirement, you may still recertify in your specialty if you submit evidence of double the hours of continuing education contact hours required in the four year period since your last certification or recertification date.  So, you would need to submit evidence of at least 100 contact hours of continuing education with 50% of those contact hours being related to your practice specialty.
  5. Applicants must submit copies of continuing education hour certificates or verification. Copies are acceptable. If originals are sent, they are not returned.
  6. The AIHCP has approved the following types of programs/offerings for recertification by continuing education hours:
    • Seminars
    • Workshops
    • Continuing Education Courses
    • College Courses, on campus, online, distance education
    • Independent Study Courses
    • Publication in a peer reviewed journal
    • Presenter/Lecturer of a workshop, seminar or continuing education course
    • Instructor for a college level course
    • Submission of an approved thesis/dissertation related to Anger Management
    • Serving on an agency or organizational committee related to Anger Management


  • One college semester hour credit = 15 contact hours of continuing education
  • One published article in a peer reviewed journal is equal to 25 contact hours of continuing education
  • Continuing Education credits for presenters/lectures/college faculty will be awarded for the actual number of hours of their presentation or college semester hour course. Credit is given one time, no matter how many times the applicant has conducted the lecture/presentation/course.
  • Continuing Education hours do not include: first aid, CPR, Advanced Life Support, hospital orientation, job orientation, product training’s or non education meetings.
  • Thesis/dissertations must be from an established college/university. The topic must be directly related to Anger Management. The thesis/dissertation must have been approved by the academic institution’s faculty/committee and must have been written sometime within the four year period that the candidate was certified by the AIHCP.
  • Candidates who are applying for hours for committee work related to anger management practice can be awarded 5 contact hours for each year of committee participation. Participation must have been during the four year period that the candidate was certified by the AIHCP.
  • Candidates may submit an application for recertification up to 60 days prior to their date of certification expiration.
  • Candidates are given a 6 month “grace” period to apply for recertification. If the candidate does not apply during the 6 month “grace” period (grace period begins on the day of expiration of certification) then the candidate will need to petition for the ability to complete the recertification process, according to established policy.


The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, provides a “Fellowship Program” for its certified members in Anger Management Counseling/Consulting. Access Information.

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