Career Nurses: How to Advance Your Healthcare Career

Career Nurses: How to Advance Your Healthcare Career


Nursing is a challenging yet rewarding career for thousands of individuals across the country. Many seek to advance their careers to a higher level in healthcare, whether that be in the field of nurse management or elsewhere. If you’re a career-minded nursing professional and seek a higher calling, use the following tips to help you advance your nursing career:

Please review our healthcare certifications for nurses
Please review our healthcare certifications for nurses

Advance your Education

Like any profession, education is often the key to success. For the nursing field, if you started out with an Associate degree, go back to school for your Bachelor’s degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, look into getting a health care law degree online. Your current employer might offer tuition incentives for those seeking a higher education.

Once you’ve obtained an advanced degree, you’ll be able to move into a management or administrative level position

Seek Different Certifications

Medical and healthcare employers are always looking for nurses who have obtained various specialized certifications. Some popular certifications include dialysis treatment, MDS (coding and billing), phlebotomy and more. There are over 26 different certifications that are available for nurses who are looking to advance their careers.

Nurses who have recently graduated from school normally choose a specialty and seek an entry level position within a hospital, nursing home or medical clinic.

Look for a Mentor

Mentors can be great for helping aspiring nurses advance their careers. The best mentors will have years of experience as a manager or director, and can meet with you on a regular basis to discuss issues within the workplace and offer hands on training in management areas, if necessary.

Many employers offer mentorship programs that can lead directly to a promotion if the nurse successfully completes the program.

Grow your Network

Like any other career field, nurses must always focus on growing their network of healthcare professionals. Connect with other nurses online, stay in touch with classmates from college, and mingle with people at work. Personal networking can lead to numerous potential opportunities in specialty areas and in management.

The road to becoming a nurse is not an easy one. Those who successfully complete their college education and on-the-job training have a rewarding career to look forward to. Those who put in the extra time and effort into professional development will give themselves the opportunity to enjoy higher salaries and a fruitful career in nursing or healthcare management.


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