When Does Grief End? How Long is Grief Recovery?

The article, “When Does Grief End?”, by Fredda Wasserman states

“Remember that grief is a process. Although the pain of grief often comes upon us all at once in a crushing blow, the pain lessens gradually.”

American Institute Health Care Professionals‘s insight:

A good article looking for the answer of when does grief end.  While grief counseling can take different periods for different people, it is important to note that grief or loss always stings but adaptation is the key where professionals say the grieving period is over.  Once a person adjusts and can begin living again, then grief counselors agree that grief recovery has happened.  Yet pain and sadness always remain to some degree but in a healthy fashion

If you wish to train as a certified bereavement counselor, then please review the program.  As a certified bereavement counselor you can help people through the stages of grief and help them adjust and adapt in a healthy fashion.


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