Role Of The Certified Meditation Instructor

meditation instructorThe role of a Meditation Instructor varies vastly based upon your spiritual background and beliefs.  If you believe in the tenets of Hinduism or Buddhism, then your role is as a master helping his/her disciple reach God realization.   Your role is like an elevator operator; helping the person on the first floor reach the third floor.  You guide the spiritual child through his spiritual journey.

This role will vary greatly if you are a Christian.  Christian Meditative Instructors do not seek God realization but look for a deeper union with the entity of God.  Many Christians utilize Eastern techniques but hold to Christian Theism.   Your role in this case is to help teach the person the importance of prayer and how to find peace and solitude with the being of God.

Some Certified Meditative Instructors take neither road above but instead see meditation as a mental exercise for health reasons.  Many Yoga Instructors or Stress Management Consultants see a very high value in meditation for relief of stress and ways to increase overall physical health.

These diverse roles play an important aspect in catering to the many diverse beliefs surrounding meditation.  You should, as an instructor, choose what best fits your world view.

Yet despite the diversity there are common elements that cement all Meditative Instructors together.  These common roles play a pivotal element in Certified Meditation Instruction.


Among some of these ideals are:

Helping the client/disciple to find peace from the noise of the world
Teaching basic meditative stances, postures, theories and reflections
Guiding clients/disciples through meditative trance
Defining the various forms of meditation and how they can be utilized

Furthermore the role of a Certified Meditation Instructor expands to a variety of social outlets.


Meditation Instructors perform duties as:

Yoga Instructors
Stress Management Consultants
Spiritual Counselors
Spiritual Directors
Grief Counselors
Reiki Healers
Holistic Nurses
Health Care Life Coaches

With such multiple titles, one can see the role of a Meditative Instructor being utilized by individuals but also a variety of businesses that may wish to apply these strategies to promote better work output.  Gyms may also wish to supply to their clients a mental chance to relax.

As a Certified Meditative Instructor it is also important to remember that you, as a Certified Health Care Professional, are forming a sacred bond of trust.  This trust falls upon the code of ethics of any Certified Practitioner who works with clients in personal and confidential ways.

If you are a Health Care Professional and are certified in the holistic arts, then maybe a Certification in Meditation may be an excellent way to expand your practice.