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Pre-Requisites For Certification


1. All students seeking official Certification as their goal, MUST be sure that they meet the defined pre-requisites (standards) for the Certification as defined by the Board of the American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc.


2. Defined pre-requisites to enter an AIHCP education program are provided on our website. These pre-requisites are found on the Education program page for each certification specialty. To review your specific pre-requisites please follow these instructions: 1. to the left of this text, access the gray link bar, and click on CEU COURSES, 2. scroll down the page and click on “CEU COURSES FOR CERTIFICATIONS,” 3. click on the Certification you are seeking, and please review the section defining the pre-requisites.


3. While students can take our courses without meeting the defined pre-requisites, those NOT meeting the defined pre-requisites will be unable to apply for and receive a “Certification” upon completion of the required courses. They will still receive a continuing education for any and all course completions, but will not be able to apply for and receive the “Certification” status.


4. Students are responsible for insuring that they have reviewed the defined prerequisites and meet at least one of them, if their goal is to apply for and receive certification following successful completion of the continuing education program.


5. Any enrolled student who has any questions regarding this policy is encouraged to contact Administration and have their questions or concerns discussed.