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Policy Student Rights



1. Students of The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. (AIHCP) have a right to respect and to be treated with dignity and be free of discrimination, by the administration, faculty, employees, and other students of AIHCP. AIHCP does not discriminate on sex, race, creed, nationality, disabilities or sexual orientation.


2. Students have a right to expect competency of faculty and a right to receive responses from faculty and administration within a reasonable time frame.


3. Students have a right to be notified of any and all grades for any and all courses taken, within a reasonable time frame.


4. Students have a right to file a dissent of a grade. The filing of a complaint or dissent must be made in writing to the Administration at: within 30 days of notification of the grade that is being questioned. The Executive Director will investigate all objections of grades in collaboration as needed with the faculty/author of the course. Students will receive a response from AIHCP no later than 2 weeks of submitting written notification of the desire to contest a grade.


5. Students shall have the right to file a complaint against an instructor or administrative member, for just cause, by contacting the Administration of AIHCP at: The Administration will investigate all complaints as well as any issues surrounding the complaint. AIHCP administration shall submit a written response to the student within five (5) working days from the date the complaint was received.


6. Students have a right to privacy. AIHCP will not release any CE course grades to any third party without the express consent of the student. AIHCP will never distribute nor sell any student information to outside companies or organizations.


7. Students have a right to receive full information regarding the appropriate access to course materials, instructor/course author email addresses, and other information necessary to successfully complete a course of study.


8. Students have a right to full privacy concerning issues of payments, tuition/finances. Such information will only be released to third parties with the express consent of the student.


9. Students have a right to receive a CE course certificate detailing the title of the course completed, the date of completion, and the number of awarded contact hours. CE certificates will be mailed out to the student after successful completion of the course examination and completion of the course evaluation. Mailing shall be within five business days of the completed course evaluation.


10. Students have a right to access the resumes of all instructors/faculty posted in the course classrooms.


11. Students have a right to information and disclosure regarding any approval status of continuing education courses offered by AIHCP.


12. Students have a right to receive full information regarding certification and continuing education programs/courses that are necessary to achieve the student’s goal.


13. Students shall have the right to be instructed by faculty who maintain adequate credentials and experiences in the subject matter of a course or curriculum.