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Policy on Revoking Certification

Reasons For A Certification To Be Revoked



1.The AIHCP, Inc. reserves the right to “revoke” a members Certification status, for just cause.


2. Prior to any decision to “revoke” a certified members certification status, certified members are entitled to present to AIHCP, Inc., full and factual details and information related to the issue or issues provoking a possible or probable revocation of their certified status. AIHCP, Inc., will make every reasonable accommodation for the certified member to respond to a complaint or found evidence related to a reason of “just cause” to revoke a certification.


3. AIHCP, Inc., reserves the right to temporarily “suspend” a certification status while an investigation is ongoing. This is based on an initial assessment of probable just cause, or based on an investigation of the certified member by another professional certification organization and/or licensing board.


4. While not “all inclusive” some of the issues that may result in an investigation for revoking a certified members certification status include:

  • Presenting any “false” documents to AIHCP, Inc., such as falsified school transcripts, falsified awards and/or professional achievements, falsified continuing education certificates, etc.
  • Misrepresentation of self on an application for Certification.
  • Providing information on an application for Certification that has been deemed to be “clearly false” and deceptive in nature.
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Suspension or revocation of one’s professional license to practice in health care or to practice in a related area which qualified the member for certification with AIHCP, Inc.
  • A serious violation of the Code of Ethics as developed and enforced by the AIHCP, Inc.
  • A serious violation of any other Code of Professional Ethics that the certified member is held to by other affiliate organizations or licensing boards.


If you have any questions concerning this policy, please Contact Us.