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Policy for Recertification Application

Making Application For Recertification



1. Once a certified member is sure they have completed all education requirements and meet all other defined standards, they may make application for Recertification. Please review all standards/requirements for “Recertification” before sending in your application: access here.


2. Certified members may submit a completed application for Recertification up to six (6) months before the date of their certification expiration. AIHCP will not review recertification applications that are submitted early than this “six month” period.


3. AIHCP, Inc. provides online, printable applications on its web site. To access it please click Here.


3. Participants applying for Recertification should complete the application form completely.


4. All required accompanying documents must be included with the completed application. This includes verification documents such as copies of continuing education course completions, transcripts from courses taken at a school, etc.


5. AIHCP, Inc. will accept a copy of completed continuing education certificates and/or an official school transcript, if the transcript copy is clearly legible. AIHCP reserves the right to also verify the transcript(s) with the school(s), as it deems appropriate. AIHCP Inc. also reserves the right to validate for itself the completion of any submitted continuing education course.


6. When a submitted application is received it will be reviewed and Recertification awarded, based on meeting all requirements/standards, within 7-10 business days. Applicants then receive a postal letter verifying conferral of Recertification, as well as a Recertification package including other verification, a certificate of Recertification and a wallet ID certification card. Certified members may expect to receive their Recertification package within 10-14 days following approval of their application.


7. The required fee for Recertification must be included with the application, in order for the application to be reviewed and Recertification conferred. The application provides an area for participants to provide credit card information. Participants may also use the online secure credit card server on our website. This may be accessed by going to the grey side bar on any of our web pages and clicking on the button for “payment.”

AIHCP, Inc. will also accept: personal checks, bank checks and money orders, payable to AIHCP.


8. Certification applications may be submitted in any of the following ways:

  • By postal mail, addressed to AIHCP, Inc., 2400 Niles-Cortland Rd. SE, Suite # 4, Warren, Ohio 44484.
  • By fax to: 330-652-7575.
  • By E-mail: scanned as an attached file, to:

If you have any questions regarding this policy/procedure, please Contact Us.