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Course catalog by program


Advanced Legal Nurse Consulting 

Anger Management Specialist

Attention Deficit Consulting

Attention Deficit Consulting Recertification

Case Management  

Case Management Courses for Current Students Only. No new enrollments allowed into CM 540.

Case Management Recertification

Child and Adolescent Grief Counseling

Christian Grief Counseling

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Recertification

Crisis Intervention Counseling

Crisis Intervention Counseling Recertification

Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique/Meridian Tapping Recertification

Forensic Nursing Practice

Funeral Services Associate

Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling Recertification

Grief Counseling Fellowship Program

Grief Support Practitioner

Health Care Life Coach

Health Care Life Coach Recertification 

Health Care Manager / Nursing Management

Holistic & Integrative Health Care Practice

Holistic & Integrative Health Care Practice Recertification 

Legal Nurse Consulting

Legal Nurse Consulting Recertification

Meditation Instructor

Meditation Instructor Recertification

Nurse-Patient Educator

Nurse-Patient Educator Recertification

Pastoral Thanatology

Pastoral Thanatology Recertification

Pet Loss Grief Support Counseling

Spiritual Christian Counseling

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling Recertification

Stress Management Consulting

Stress Management Consulting Recertification

Substance Abuse Practitioner

Substance Abuse Practitioner Recertification 

Discussion Board.