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CE Course Completion Time


We have “no definitive time-frames” for how long a student needs to complete one of our continuing education courses.

Each person is very unique in their speed of reading, comprehension, etc. As such, it would not be feasible to give you a standard and exact response to the question.

Here is some information which may help you determine for yourself what type of time would need to be investing in a course:

Once you enter a program, for example, Grief Counseling, you have two full years from the date of enrollment
in your first course, to complete all of the courses in the program. As such, you may certainly “pace” yourself in the courses.

Our courses are designed as independent study courses with one-to-one faculty mentoring as needed by the student.

Each of our CE courses has a specific number of “contact hours” awarded. Contact hours are the best
estimated time required for reading, studying, working on and completing the course examination and the course evaluation.

For example, if the course you are taking is 25 contact hours, then, you can estimate roughly that it will take approximately “25 clock hours” of time to work with and complete the course. Some will complete the course in less than 25 hours, and some will require more than
25 hours to complete the course. Contact hours are assigned based on length of textbook for a course as well as the complexity of the content of the textbook and the complexity of the comprehensive examination.

Many of our past students have accelerated in the courses and have completed all the courses in a program relatively quickly, within months of enrollment into their first course. Others space out their time and take much longer to complete a course or courses. We provide a two-year time-frame so that our students may feel comfortable in scheduling their work on their course or courses at their own pace.

We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any other questions, always feel free to contact us.