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Role Of The Certified Spiritual Counselor

spiritual counselor

The Role of a Spiritual Counselor
A Spiritual Counselor meets the metaphysical and emotional needs of their clients/spiritual children within the disciplines of psychology but also within the confines of metaphysics.  Upon this one would expect a pre-existing notion of belief in the supernatural as a means to help people face issues or become healed.

Spiritual Counselors can cater to a wide variety of religious experiences.  Some may exist within the spirituality of Christianity, while others may hold firm to the teachings of Hinduism or other Eastern religions.  Yet, even still, some Spiritual Counselors may be attached to no particular religion and merely counsel within the area of general spirituality.  In this way, Spiritual Counselors can provide a professional service that accepts metaphysical realities and utilizes these realities in a confidential counseling setting.
As evil continues to plague our world, people will continue to want deeper answers than psychology can answer, they may even want deeper explanations for suffering, pain and death.  In this regard, the metaphysical sciences can supply answers to the existential questions of humanity.


In this way, a Spiritual Counselor can serve people in these following ways:

By becoming a source of metaphysical knowledge to existential problems that science or psychology cannot answer. By helping people understand their own spirituality to promote peace, healing and union with God. By advising clients or spiritual children based upon a spiritual criteria of appropriate norms in relation to common life problems and issues


A Spiritual Counselor can utilize his or her skills to a variety of places or people.  He or she can offer their services to:

Pastoral Care Programs
Bereavement Groups
Youth Groups
Various Corporations who wish to enhance spirituality in the work place
Social Service Agencies
Funeral Service Agencies
Private Practice
Hospitals and Health Care Agencies

Furthermore, Spiritual Counselors can cross their practice into other certified areas of specialty such as

Christian Counseling
Stress Management
Anger Management

As people continue to look for answers as the world continues its downward spiral, Spiritual Counselors will be called upon.  The world needs caring, spiritual and compassionate people.  Spiritual Counselors naturally should carry these qualities and carry to their spiritual children and clients a sense of confidence, trust and hope.   If you have these qualities and fulfill the prerequisites of AIHCP for entry into the Spiritual Counseling Certification Program, then you should review the education program and see if it matches your educational, spiritual and professional needs.


Are you interested in becoming a Certified Spiritual Counselor? If this practice specialty interests you then please review our program and feel free to speak with our advisors regarding our complete education program and courses leading to qualifications to achieve the certification.