Healthcare Around the World

Healthcare Around the World: Five Companies that are Making a Big Difference

As the world continues to become a global workplace and society, healthcare has become more important. As a result, healthcare companies are playing vital roles in making sure workplaces stay safe, medical advances find their way to developing nations and more people have access to quality medical care. However, some companies find themselves standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Onsite Health Diagnostics

Catching small problems before they become big ones is what Onsite Health Diagnostics is all about. Offering employee health screenings and corporate wellness programs, this company has been honored as one of the Top 100 Health Companies worldwide by Inc. Magazine.


This company is a leader in developing innovative hardware and software for the healthcare industry. As workplaces become more mobile, it’s important for information to be accessible anywhere at anytime. GlobalMed has been instrumental in developing telemedicine carts, also known as mobile medical stations. These “computers on wheels” enable medical professionals anywhere to have access to medical records, treatments and consultations with other healthcare providers. Becoming very popular in companies with remote work locations, the company is known for making its equipment very user-friendly.

Janssen Pharmaceutica

An affiliate of Johnson and Johnson, this company has gained a reputation for making vaccines for various diseases affordable and available to many low and middle-income nations struggling with public health issues. In recent years, the company has developed low-cost vaccines and other medications for such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and influenza, saving the lives of many who would have otherwise died.

Forensic Fluids Laboratories

As DNA testing has become crucial in solving crimes as well as diseases, advancements in forensic testing have allowed for great breakthroughs in many areas. FFL has led the way in this field, offering fast, accurate and tamper-proof drug testing kits to healthcare professionals and law enforcement worldwide.

911 Industrial Response Inc

With 45 units across western Canada, 911 Industrial is on the job to make sure everyone stays safe. Specializing in serving oil and gas, construction and mining and forestry companies they provide pre-hospital industrial medical care in Grande Prairie in the event of an emergency. Using specially-trained industrial paramedics and ambulance services, the company has been saving lives for over forty years.

As companies such as these continue their research and development, further advances in worldwide healthcare are most certainly on the way.