New Classroom Beta Test Instructions

Thank you for clicking on the login beta test for our new classrooms. This is a new system. Not all courses have been created and not all usernames have been added to their courses. We are in the testing phase. Once testing is complete then all of the courses will be added. If you can log in using the link below and notice your course is linked then please feel free to test it out. Again not all courses are available yet, many are being added daily.

Student Login

If you are a student in any other course then please follow the instructions provided in your New Student Welcome Letter to access your classroom or alternatively click “CE Courses” above then select “Continuing Education Courses” from the drop down menu. Once on the next page, scroll down until you see your program listed. When you are on your program’s course listing page, scroll down until you see your course and click “Classroom Access”. Use your AH#### and password to access your course. If you have any questions, please contact the IT department at