Substance Abuse Counseling Program Blog on Addiction Recovery

Substance abuse and addiction did not happen over night and they cannot be reversed overnight.  It is important to understand a few key concepts surrounding addiction recovery if one wishes to help someone who is facing addiction.

Substance abuse recovery is a long process. Please also review AIHCP’s Substance Abuse Counseling Program


The article, “7 Things You Need to Know about Addiction and Recovery” from Medical News Bulletin looks at 7 things that one must understand regarding the nature of addiction. The article states,

“Addiction doesn’t signify weakness, moral failure, or character flaw. It’s a chronic illness that affects brain function and structure. It exerts a strong influence on your brain and can manifest as a craving for the substance you’re addicted to, loss of control over its use, and inability to stop taking it despite the problems it causes you. Substance abuse, if not treated, can lead to severe emotional, social, and physical concerns.”

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