Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Article on Hypnosis and Quitting Smoking

Smoking is one of the most addictive habits to break in life.  It can be extremely difficult not only internally but also through the various social triggers and stresses one can come into contact with.  Smokers look to a wide variety of patches or other types of oral fixations on the market to relieve the smoking need.  A strong conscious but also subconscious decision is needed to fully overcome this bad habit.  Cancer, aging and various lung disorders are all serious issues that result from smoking.  Smoking prevents a healthy life style. With one’s health so critical and smoking so detrimental to good health, it is important to gain the upper hand on the habit of smoking.  Fortunately, it is never to late to break habits and there are various ways to break the habit of smoking

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help the brain overcome the urges of smoking. Please also review our Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification


Many look to other ways to break habits.  Self hypnosis and also going to a certified Hypnotherapists are excellent alternative ways to try to break this habit.  Hypnosis can help break multiple bad habits, help one overcome phobias, and help resolve past trauma.  It is of no surprise then that hypnosis can help the mind overcome bad habits at the subconscious level and help retrain the brain to cope in different ways to stress.

The article, “Trying to quit smoking? Here’s how self-hypnosis could help” from “The Leader” looks deeper at ways to stop smoking, including hypnosis.  The article states,

“Self-hypnosis can be used to help you achieve positive changes in your life, such as quitting smoking. Find a time and place to do your session – make sure it’s somewhere quiet and that you won’t be disturbed.”

To learn more about hypnosis and stopping smoking, please review the entire article by clicking here

Hypnosis is an excellent way to help overcome numerous issues in life, including smoking.  Many who have failed in every way in their attempt to quit have found success with hypnosis.  Please review AIHCP’s College of Hypnotherapy and its Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification and see how it can educate you but also give you the credentials and ability to help others through the power of hypnosis.  The program is online and independent study.  After completing the required courses, one can apply for a four year certification which they can renew.  Please review the program and see if it matches your academic and professional goals.