Pet Loss Grief Counselor Program Article on Pet Loss and Euthanasia

Sad article about the very uncomfortable and difficult decision to euthanize a pet.  Losing a pet is like losing a family member and deciding when to let to go can be in particular very painful.  There is always the guilt of letting go too soon and then also from the other extreme allowing one’s dog or cat or pet to suffer longer.  The goodbyes, the procedure, the drive home can all be very empty and sad.

The decision to say good bye to a dog or cat is never easy. Please also review our Pet Loss Grief Counseling Program and see if it meets your goals

Professionals can help navigate at the vet office, but there may also be need long after to discuss and cope with the dramatic loss of a pet.  The article, “Feelings of guilt, grief common when navigating euthanasia” by Shannon Mullane discusses the process and emotional navigation through this painful process.  She states,

“Americans spent $72 billion in 2018 on their pet companions, and research has shown the huge amount of grief owners can experience when the human-animal bond is broken at the time of a pet’s death. When it comes to euthanasia, that grief can be complicated by feelings of guilt, leaving pet owners in need of resources to navigate their loss.”

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