Funeral Service Associate Certification Article on Grief Counseling

Funeral Directors play a key role in grief counseling.  They are on the front line with grief and helping people face grief and sadness.  Many Funeral Directors also offer grief counseling for clients.  The funeral is the first step of acknowledging grief.


Funeral directors, grief counselors and associates can offer grief counseling within the funeral setting. Please also review our Funeral Associate Certification


The funeral is more for the surviving family with its many social functions to lay to rest the deceased.  Many of the things done are religious and carry spiritual significance but socially and the traditions tied help the surviving family acknowledge the loss and allow others to offer their sympathies.  It is a critical step.  Grief counseling as a part of any package or funeral deal can be a huge way for individuals to understand more about their own grief and how to handle it.

The article, “The Growing Threat of Complicated Grief” by Tracy Lee looks at how Funeral Directors play an important role in dealing with the bereaved following a loss.  She states,

“Funeral directors are those who have the most experience with death and its aftermath of grief; therefore, without familial support for survivors, funeral directors are the ones to whom the responsibility of grief recovery has fallen. The problem exists in that funeral education has not caught up with the needs of the profession. ”

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Also please review our Funeral Associate Certification, as well as our Grief Counseling Program and see if it meets your academic and professional goals.  With funeral service evolving and the need to meet grief on the front line, funeral directors and other grief counselors can play a key role in helping the bereaved at the funeral.  They can also offer follow up service to help others overcome lingering grief.