Nurse Patient Educator Program Article on Navigating Healthcare

Patients can have serious issues understanding and navigating healthcare.  Healthcare and care itself is complicated.  Good healthcare case managers and Nurse-patient educators can play key roles in helping patients navigate the system, as well as deal with after care for any surgery or procedure.

Nurse patient educators can help guide patients through the healthcare process. Please also review our Nurse Patient Educator Program


This is critical and important in lowering costs and re-admissions.  An informed patient is better equipped to know what to do and how to heal quicker.  This is why case managers and Nurse Patient educators are so important to the entire healthcare system.

The article, “Patient Struggles in Navigating Healthcare” by Tracey Walker looks at the trouble patients experience in the web of healthcare.  She states,

“However, The Physician Foundation 2019 Survey of America’s Patients, found the current environment is not meeting the needs of most Americans. From high costs, to confusion on health policy, to the crippling opioid crisis, patients are faced with more hurdles than ever.”

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