ADHD Consulting Training Article on Parenting a Child with ADHD

Parents with ADHD children need to deal and cope with their children from a different perspective than other parents.  ADHD children cannot be placed in the mold as other children and hence expectations and strategies need to be different.  Parents need to adjust their expectations and approach discipline and punishment from different points of view to successfully raise an ADHD child.

Parents need to parent from a different perspective when dealing with ADHD children. Please also review our ADHD Consulting Certification Program


The article, “The Importance of Parenting with an ADHD Lens” by Natalia van Rikxoort points out certain ways parents can better help their children.  She states,

“ADHD is a complex neuro-developmental condition that often requires lifelong treatment and management. When your child receives an ADHD diagnosis, it’s a game-changer. Conventional parenting tactics, strategies, and wisdom often no longer apply. Instead, you’ll need to begin what I call parenting with an ADHD lens.”

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