ADHD Consulting Article on ADHD and Its Classification

ADHD is sometimes also labeled as a learning disorder.  The article below looks at it as a neurological disorder which affects learning by its very nature but is not in itself a learning disorder.  The article also looks at what ADHD can do as a positive despite the negative issues revolving around concentration and hyperactivity.

ADHD can cause learning issues but is it a learning disability in itself? Please also review our ADHD Consulting Program to see if it meets your needs

The article, “Opinion: ADHD is more than a learning disability” by Mandi DeLong offers some interesting insight into ADHD.  She states,

“The confusion between a learning disability and a neurodevelopmental disorder affects how people treat and react to people with ADHD, which, with some of the effects, hurts people with ADHD. This is something that I’ve experienced a lot, because people don’t fully grasp how ADHD affects people like me.”

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