Healthcare Case Manager Program Article on Cancer Re-admissions

Re-admissions cost the healthcare industry millions.  It is important to give the patient the care and education afterwards they need to find recovery and good health.  This is an important part of both the Nurse Patient Educator and the Healthcare Case Manager.  It is important to ensure quality care, pre and post, and to also ensure the patient has a strong understanding of post care.


The complexity of cancer makes it a frequent re-admission for patients. Please also review our Healthcare case manager program


Kayt Sukel in her article, “Strategies to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions for Cancer” reviews some ways re-admissions for cancer can be limited.  She states,

“Today, there is pressure to make hospital stays as brief as possible, which means that many patients are discharged without all of their issues being completely resolved. Since cancer is such a complex condition, with both acute and chronic elements, we often see that readmission rates in the cancer population are higher than those in the general medical population.”

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