Healthcare Case Management Program Article on Managing Cancer Pain

Cancer is a very painful disease and it requires management.  To manage cancer pain, cancer treatments and palliative care as well as later if necessary hospice care, looks to lessen the pain with pain management strategies.  Case managers and a cancer team can put together an effective plant o help cancer patients minimize pain and discomfort during treatment or if on the darker note, a terminal trail.

Cancer care patients are one group in dire need of a pain management program. Please also review our Healthcare Case Management Program


The article, “Approaches to Cancer Pain Management” by Deborah Abrams Kaplan states,

“Ideally, treating pain involves a multi-prong approach. That might mean some combination of physical therapy, behavioral therapy, blocks/injections, and medication. Not all health insurance covers an extensive approach, though undertreating pain impacts a patient’s health and quality of life substantially. ”

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