Legal Nurse Consulting Article on State Board Investigations

One of the biggest fears of a nurse is an investigation regarding their care.  This can happen to even for those with the best intents.  Sometimes things happen and investigations occur.  Likewise, some nurses need to be investigated.  If one is investigated there need to be certain steps taken by the nurse to protect one’s own license and interests.

Medical error can lead to investigation on a registered nurse. It is important to know one’s rights. Please also review our Legal Nurse Consulting Program

The article, “7 Steps to Take If the State Board Investigates You, Jeopardizing Your Nursing or PA License” by Mora Hohman states,

“Before any investigation may arise, familiarize yourself with what offenses your local nursing or physician assistant board can discipline you for. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing identifies seven categories of misconduct: practice related, drug related, boundary violations, sexual misconduct, abuse, fraud, and positive criminal background checks.”

To read the entire article to learn more about state boards and investigation, please click here

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