Substance Abuse Practitioner Program Article on Grief of Addicted Family Member

Family grieves over addicted loved ones.  The stigma and grief associated with such matters can take a heavy toll on family members.  Family members have to deal with many matters on numerous financial, emotional and mental stages.   Like any loss, a family member may go through the stages of grief associated with it.  The numerous secondary losses of losing a family member to addiction are also present.

Addiction goes beyond the person and affects one’s family. Please also review our Substance Abuse Practitioner Program

The article, “Stages Of Grief When A Loved One Is Addicted” by Brittany Meadows states,

“Most people never think that they will one day witness addiction firsthand. Many people dealing with addiction in their family don’t fully understand the disease of addiction and how it not only impacts the person suffering with substance abuse, but everyone else in their life.”

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