Substance Abuse Practitioner Article on Variance in Substance Abuse Treatment

Short article on the variance of the effective nature of substance abuse counseling and treatment.  It can vary due to the subjective nature of individuals.  It is important for substance abuse consultants to identify areas that can prove negative for some and positive for others.

Substance Abuse Counseling and treatment can vary. Please also review our Substance Abuse Practitioner Program

The article, “Outcomes of substance abuse treatment vary” by Mike Rosmann states,

“Outcomes of treatments for substance abuse are difficult to predict and also are difficult for the people affected by the substance abuser to deal with. This is the 10th report about Dan and Darla, a farm couple and their two children, a daughter who is 13 and a son who is 9 years old. As usual, I have not used their real names or revealed identifying information”

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